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“We’re taking care of problems at the source instead of just covering them up. “

Dr. Waale

Is chiropractic safe?

Chiropractic care is a safe and natural alternative to traditional medicine. While there is a potential for an adverse outcome from any health related procedure, the fact that chiropractic care does not involve medical prescriptions is one of the reasons it is so safe. According to Harvard University, about 128,000 people die each year from drugs prescribed to them, and even properly prescribed drugs cause about 1.9 million hospitalizations a year! You can read the article here.

While there is certainly a place for medicine, the fewer pills you take, the less your chance for an adverse drug reaction. Remember, pain medication is designed to help you live with the pain, not fix the problem. For safe, effective treatment without the risk of prescription drug reactions, Chiropractic care is an excellent choice.

Are all patients adjusted the same way?

A chiropractic spinal adjustment is as individual as you are. Since every patient is different, (Size, height, age, bone structure, pain level, and overall health.) each treatment is planned and designed specifically with you in mind.

Adjusting a 20 year-old college football player is WAY different than providing chiropractic care for a 90 year-old, 90 pound great grandma. I adapt my techniques to you. Not the other way around.

One of the beauties of chiropractic, is that are so many treatment methods and adjusting techniques. I’ve been a chiropractor for almost 30 years and have adjusted thousands and thousands of patients. I’ll find something that will work for you.

Is it OK to see a chiropractor if I’m pregnant?

As their pregnancy progresses, many women have low back pain, leg pain and trouble sleeping. I don’t have to tell you about how your body is changing and that it can put a lot of pressure on the spine and the joints!

Pregnant women often find that chiropractic adjustments improve their pregnancy related spinal pain. Of course, safety is first and foremost in my mind and there are “more delicate” ways to adjust the spine that still can make a huge improvement in how you feel and move.

I have two children myself and gave my wife chiropractic adjustments throughout both pregnancies. If you have any questions or concerns about chiropractic and pregnancy, just give me a call and I will be happy to tell you all about my kids!

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

A ” Chiropractic Adjustment” is a very broad term. There are many different ways to adjust your spine and other joints. some methods rely on a specially designed and calibrated instrument, some utilize a table with moving parts and some are simply the chiropractic doctor using his hands.

However it is done, the purpose of a chiropractic adjustment is two-fold.

First, to reduce pain:

If your spinal joints (or any other joints) are not moving correctly or are “misaligned” pain cells are stimulated. They send a powerful message to the brain and the response is OUCH! This is why a chiropractic spinal adjustment can often have a dramatic and immediate reduction in pain. Once the joint is moving correctly, the pain cells aren’t being told to fire. I’ve been in practice for almost 30 years and I have seen it thousands of times.

Second, to restore normal body mechanics and range of motion:

If your joints are not working right, are locked up, or can’t move normally, the result is pain and stiffness. If your joints can’t move, YOU can’t move. No pill in the world is going to restore proper spinal motion. A chiropractic spinal adjustment will, and often very quickly. It’s also important to remember that when joints aren’t moving and working right, they tend to wear out faster. Just like if your car tires are out of alignment. Chiropractic adjustments help keep your spinal joints pain free, mobile and functional. We have to take care of our spine. It’s the only one we get!

A chiropractic adjustment seems like a small simple thing. But the effects can be enormous and very far reaching.

Can a person who had back surgery see a chiropractor?

Yes. Once the spine has had enough time to heal from the procedure, (and after a thorough chiropractic, orthopedic and neurological exam to rule out any contraindications) I have no trouble seeing patients who have undergone surgery.

What I do is modify treatment to accommodate the person who has had back surgery. Ancillary therapies such as TENS, muscle stimulation, deep tissue work and therapeutic and rehabilitative spinal exercises may be used in addition to chiropractic spinal adjustments. Chiropractic care and may also help prevent the necessity of repeated back surgeries.

If you have any specific questions about post surgical chiropractic care, feel free to call. I’d be happy to talk to you.

What is the goal of chiropractic care?

People have different ideas about chiropractic care. Some patients like to see me on an as-needed basis. In other words, I treat them a number of times with chiropractic adjustments, muscle stimulation, deep tissue work or whatever is needed. Once they feel they have reached a good level of recovery, they discontinue active care and give a call when their neck or low back or shoulder, or whatever is starting to get painful, stiff and sore again.

Other patients take a more proactive approach. They want their pain gone. But they also want to keep it gone. Once these folks reach a point where they are pain free (or close to it) and have good spinal range of motion, and function, they want to keep it that way.

These are the people who come in on some sort of treatment schedule to keep their spine as functional as possible. Think about it this way: It’s way easier for a dentist to take care of your teeth when you keep regular appointments, and it’s the same with your spine.

Either way is fine with me. Whether you are interested in pain relief, corrective care, or a combination of both, I work with each and every patient on an individual basis. I’ll make recommendations based on your spinal condition and together we’ll decide on a plan for chiropractic care that works for you.

We are a provider for BCBS, Sanford Health, Medica, Medicare and other insurance companies. Most auto carriers will also provide chiropractic coverage for their clients injured in an automobile accident. If you have any questions regarding insurance, feel free to call anytime.