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“All the pills in the world can’t fix a structural issue, it’s not going to get corrected and you’re not going to get well.”

Dr. Waale

” My name is Elise, and I have been going to Dr.Waale for over a year now. I was in a car accident 4 years ago and the treatments that he provides really helps me so that I can do the things I love. Being a Hairstylist at M. J. Capelli and the lead singer of my band, Rustic, I need to be tip top shape so that I can be on my feet all day and all night! Dr.Waale is amazing and I would refer anyone to him 🙂 ”


“I’ve seen Dr. Dave for years for migraines and adjustments and he has helped everything immensely.”

– Rachel

“Dr. Waale has used both chiropractic adjusting and acupuncture to treat my low back, neck, shoulder and foot problems and the results have been great.”

– Paul

“Dr. Waale has significantly improved the pain in my neck and lower back. His convenient location, close to my office downtown is an added bonus.”

– Amber

Amber M.
Executive Director Lake Agassiz Regional Development Corporation

“I’m in high school Dance line, volleyball, and track. Getting adjusted helps keep my spine and muscles in great shape so I can compete at the highest level… Plus, he’s my dad!”

– Annie

“I have seen Dr. Dave since I was just a little kid. He has treated me for headaches, neck pain, back pain and any other kind of joint pain. As an electrical engineer, I spend a lot of time working at a computer and my neck and back are always getting tight and stiff. Chiropractic adjustments really help me.”

– Mari

“Dr. Dave is the chiropractor I trust with my back and neck pain. “

– Gayle

“I have had low back pain for decades. Regular chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Waale really keep the pain under control.”

– Hal

“Dr. Dave Waale is an AWESOME chiropractor!!!
“I’ve seen Dr. Waale for a couple of years now. At one point in time I had thrown out my back so badly that I could barely walk. Dr. Waale treated me very gently, but thoroughly. He used a TENS unit to do a deep massage of my sore back. Then he gently messaged the area to loosen it up before adjusting it. By the time he was ready to adjust it my muscles were completely relaxed. When he twisted me for the adjustment everything popped right into place with no discomfort at all!!! I was amazed! I had come to the appointment a little nervous and concerned. But the whole appointment was very relaxing and the adjustment was very comfortable. Dr. Waale was not pushy about making me come back for regular visits. Although, I have chosen to return, somewhat regularly, because of the comforting experiences I have received at each appointment. At each appointment Dr. Waale caters to whatever my main concern is. He does not do the exact same exact thing at every appointment. He treats each and every ache with a treatment specific to that particular need. I highly recommend Dr. Waale to anyone who is looking for great Chiropractic care.”

– Darin

Darin Edeen DDS